Twitter accouts every event professional should follow

20 Best Twitter Accounts Every Event Professional Should Follow

For professionals and ambitious people alike, Twitter can be a great tool. The best Twitter accounts give the power and inspiration to you. Especially for your upcoming event with accounts that will give you all the inspiration you need. The best accounts are those that support, give ideas and most of all, inspire.

Regardless of why you’re on there, you know if you look hard enough you’ll find what you need. Full of interesting and insightful individuals, Twitter provides you with a channel that is innovative and trendy. Why wouldn’t it be with over 300 million accounts?

More than just funny cat videos and selfies, Twitter can deliver the goods. The individuals on there are getting the most out of their events by sharing their content, live tweeting and linking with attendees and sponsors alike. Using Twitter as a means to go full circle in their communications throughout their event, these event professionals tweet to enhance the event and give you the keys to do the same.

Ranging from hundreds of thousands of followers to just a few thousand, 2016’s top event professionals Twitter accounts are pure gold when it comes to helping you out.

So here it is, our 20 best Twitter accounts every event professional should follow.


Having been in the industry for years, Bailey is one of the best event professionals in the business. With a goldmine in his brain, he’s built a career lasting over 30 years and for good reason.


Releasing constant blog posts, relevant to the event industry. There’s no question why SmartMeetings has 16.5K event professionals following them.


EventPlanner_CS is a great resource for the everyday event professional, posting regular tips and tricks, with the occasional case study and example to match.


A large living event planner to the stars, Colin Cowie really knows how to make a splash. His budget may be big, but he still knows how to speak to the every person. Often posting short tips and blog posts that will transform your event.


A big name in the events game, David Tutera is a successful man. Having a popular TV show, several books and mostly specialising in weddings, he has made a name for himself. While documenting much of it on the social media app.


An event planner dropping lots of helpful tips and tricks, Trish Star may have only a few followers and can help you out just as good as anyone.


An event director from London, Helen Moon has been voted to be one of the top 100 movers and shakers, as voted by her peers. Constantly touching on event tips, inspiration and social media, she’ll really get you and her 3,000 followers thinking.


Tweeting nuggets of knowledge that works, Adrian Segar is a true events and marketing professional.


Working with her firm, Liz King focusses on how technology can enhance events and the strategies behind them.


A tech lover, Corbin Ball regularly Tweets about trends and tips in the events and marketing industry. With 14K followers, he’s a big advocate of the social media app and upcoming technology.


A page for the event planners of every stage, BizBash should be a starting point for everyone. Posting great ideas, news, resources and blogs from loads of planners, they’re cornucopia of insights.


With 40K followers, this event management blog has a constant turnover of relevant event information you can easily implement into your next event. Having everything from tips, tricks, trends and everything else, it’s somewhat of a one-stop-shop.


With regular insights through articles, research, blogs and the average Tweet, Jeff Hurt is somewhat of an events guru. Commonly live streaming and Tweeting his events, he gets things done. While he’s doing it, he documents it, so you can get it done too.


A regular blog author, Dan McCarthy knows how to strategically run an event. Being an event manager by trade, he delivers great results whilst being a specialist in his field.


Aiming to inspire your events, Plan Your Meetings regularly post about anything and everything events. Regardless if it’s a relevant picture, a quip of a tweet or a blog post, you’ll be entertained and informed.


Being one of the best Twitter accounts and a global events group, IMEX provide not only their comings and goings. They also provide insights into how to make a great corporate event through great content.


The world’s largest event technology platform, they power over 2 million events annually. With this, they bring wisdom and experience, channeling it through useful blogs, Tweets and articles.


Holding events for some of the world’s most iconic brands, Sparks give the follower information in great detail and allows them to do it too.


A serial ‘live-tweeter’ and blog poster, Freeman Co provide you with all types of insights into the event industry while specialising in a number of areas to ensure you have a great event, too.

In Summary

To conclude, Twitter has definitely taken over in the realm of social media. It’s one of the big players in tech right now, so for that reason it isn’t surprising that brands and professionals alike have jumped on board. The best Twitter accounts showcase their talents for events, many practitioners share insightful tips and tricks, while others share blog posts and others promote and live tweet their events.

Each person uses Twitter to a high degree, many in different ways from the next. Still, these individuals are both strategic and creative. Giving you, the follower, the resources to call on for your upcoming event.

So for your next event, may that be a birthday party, office mixer or a 100 seater conference. Don’t be afraid to jump onto Twitter for some inspiration. These professionals are giving us the tools to succeed, we may as well use them.