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25 Creative Conference Swag Ideas

Coming up with exciting ways to engage your conference attendees with can be difficult.

To have creative, fresh and original conference swag ideas is the aim of the game.So why not delve into the world of amazing promotional swag and provide your audience with giveaways they’ll actually like and use.

Before we start, no, we’re not including the standard pens, USB’s and mouse pads. For a few reasons but mostly because they’re standard products. People already have hundreds of promotional pens they don’t use, USB’s they don’t need (thanks to the cloud) and mouse pads that’re useless for the everyday laptop.

We understand that you’ve a budget and that some of these items we’ve chosen are on the tech side. Still, rest assured that regardless of technology, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So here it goes, the top 25 creative conference swag ideas that will blow away your attendees.

Tea bags/small coffee jars with business card attached

Ever met a business person who doesn’t function almost solely on caffeine? Me neither. That’s why a small caffeine boost through a few branded tea bags or small coffee jar can go far. They’re cheap and you can attach a business card to them, simple.

Coffee beans covered in chocolate

Following on from the previous point, did you know that you can buy small jars of chocolate covered coffee beans? Giving just as good a kick as liquid coffee, they also pack a good crunch. Besides, who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate?

Phone cover/card holder

Everyone needs a wallet and phone cover. Time for you to shoot two birds with one stone and give the people what they want with a high quality phone cover/card holder!

25 Creative Conference Swag Ideas


Novelty desk speed ball that suction cups to the desk

This sounds like a gag. But it does serve a purpose. They allow your attendees to have fun with your products, likely sitting it on their desk and playing with it when they get bored. It’ll get some great use and likely be used for years.

Travel packs

People often travel and need to go out and buy things they need. Things like the universal travel adaptor, small tech travel case and electronic luggage scales. All small with room for branding. Give them some of these items and they’ll be used for years to come.

Book flask holder (book with a cutout that holds a flask)

It may be a little bit out of the box, but this is a great promotional item. Making people remember you and your conference will be a great byproduct, as well as likely attendance for the following year.

Bottle of wine/craft beer

Yes, wine and beer isn’t so much creative as it is normal. Still, nice wine and craft beer is trendy and on the rise. Slap these into a branded bag of yours and you’ve got a great gift people will want.

25 Creative Conference Swag Ideas

Cork screw/bottle opener

To go with your nice wine and beer, maybe throw in a branded cork screw and bottle opener. These items are the ones that are most likely to be kept and used. Giving your brand a longer shelf life with these items.

Phone stand

A little colourful suction cup that sticks to the back of your smartphone is a simple gem of the promotional world. They’re functional, helpful and not overly used by too many brands. But is used by the recipient!

Portable charger/power bank

A handy and surprisingly inexpensive thing to have on you is a power bank. You just know that whoever you give this little gadget to, will use it for some years.

Mobile Bluetooth speakers

Like the power bank, this is a great promo item for a conference, andthey’re surprisingly inexpensive and likely to be used. All the while, providing prime real estate for your branding.


I know what you’re thinking. Magnets? Really?

Yes! They’re cheap to have made and even easier to give to your conference attendees. They’re great because you have the capacity to be creative with them and to have people use them for potentially years.

Creative stress ball

Business people have a lot on their plate so they tend to get stressed. A stress ball isn’t the be all and end all for stress but it does allow for some design creativity while helping relieve your attendees when needed!

Seasonal items

Thongs, umbrellas, towels and Frisbees. All great branded items that you can put into your next promotional arsenal for your next conference.

Reusable bottles

An absolute staple of promotional items, lies the reusable water bottle. That’s not to say it isn’t for good reason. You can have fun with them, be creative and best of all… They’re cheap to buy.


Food has always been and always will be a great way to win people over. The New York Post gave away buckets of gummy bears that went over an absolute treat. You can do the same, since many foods are easily branded and given away.

Buckets of gummy bears

Personalised playing cards

Make a deck of playing cards with notable figures on them. Choose relevant people depending on your conference, but these are always fun to have. People will take them home and keep them for years. All with your branding on it!

A thoughtful note

One of the more personal conference swag ideas, a thoughtful note always gets appreciated. This proves that not all promotional swag has to cost you. This is an easy way to gain the respect of your peers and provide yourself the opportunity to reconnect later.

Foldable tools

Like the Swiss Army Knife, these small foldable tools are great for a little bit of light fun. Placing your branding on them is easy, along with being cool enough you know they’ll get taken home and used.

Hat or beanie

A one size fits all hat is something that will be worn, if just for a little while. I personally prefer the idea of a beanie, since it’s a bit trendier. Both however, can allow you to be creative with it. Use your best judgement on which to use depending on where you are in the world and the type of product you have.

Duel USB car charger

At the beginning of this, I said no USB’s. I believe I haven’t broken my promise. This charger plugs into your car allowing you and your passenger to both charge your phone.

2 in 1 charging cable

Slightly different from the previous, this is a charging bank and cable allows two devices to be charged. Being small and light, this will fit anywhere with its ease of use allowing it to have a longer shelf life than the average phone cable.


Headphones are great for your conference swag ideas especially since they’re cheap now-a-days. They come in square boxes keeping them intact. This is some great space to put your branding onto and a great promotional item that your attendees will use… Or at least hold onto.


T-shirt’s are a staple in the promotions industry for a reason. T-shirts rarely get thrown out and are worn from time to time long after the conference is over. What’s better is that they’re cheap and allow you to be creative with their styles.

Care packs

A care pack is a pack or a bag of more than one product in your swag of promotional items. The bags are inexpensive and can be filled to the brim. Fill it with any of the above and beyond. Your guests will love you for it.

In Summary

For your upcoming conference, there are lots of great and creative conference swag ideas. All of which your guests will be more than happy to receive. With lots to choose from, ranging in budget considerations, there no reason why your next conference can’t be amazing. With some great swag.