A little background on Buzz Muster

In Eric Ries great book, The Lean Startup, he talks about the 10 different types of lean startup pivots. Buzz Muster, in a way, is a customer segment pivot of 6Q.

I say in a way, because there are a few differences here, from an entirely fresh pivot.

We’re creating a ‘forked off pivot’ of 6Q, that is, we are copying the technology that we’ve used to successfully deliver thousands of employee surveys, and tweaking it to suit a new market and value proposition.

We aren’t closing down, or slowing growth with 6Q either; this is a separate product, being run under the company of 6Q Pty Ltd.

Identifying customer need

We have received feedback from a number of customers who have said that they would be keen to use 6Q, with some changes, for collection of audience feedback about their events.

They have often remarked that what we have built for employee surveys would be fantastic for event surveys too.

I wholeheartedly agree with them.

The issue with many conferences and events I have attended, is either they don’t ask at all for feedback (which makes me often-not-cheap ticket feel a little tarnished, that they aren’t interested in my thoughts as a paying customer), or they do it very poorly (ask to complete a paper form, or send an email thanking for attendance, and asking to complete a complex event survey which is often 15 minutes or longer of my time).

We believe we can engineer a better event survey product, that collects more accurate and honest feedback, does it quickly, and gives far better results in the report to the organiser.

Writing event survey

Writing an event survey

Branding collateral

We have been working on ‘side projects’ since not long after we began business in 2002.

In October 2008, we worked on a side project which eventually got shelved before release. This product was called Buzz Muster, and we’ve kept the domain names and Twitter account since then, on the off chance we may re-use it (we actually own a bunch of similar properties).

When it came time to put a little effort in on this event version of 6Q, we naturally concluded that Buzz Muster fit the bill from naming. We are literally planning to Muster (collect) audience Buzz (feedback, mostly positive) about an event, with a very user friendly event survey system, and share it with the event organisers.

So, Buzz Muster returns as a name.

The very near future

So, over the last few weeks, we’ve fleshed out a quick business plan and direction, copied the core technology over, and made a few minor changes. We plan to trial Buzz Muster with a few events that we are friendly with, and collect valuable feedback and lessons from these invited early adopters on where the value lies, and what the features should be. Once done, we’ll create a better website and flesh out our next steps more clearly with our early adopters, and a wider group of potential customers.

I’ll also do my best to share the lessons, both good and bad, here for you to consume and hopefully learn from.

The journey begins…

Image credit: unsplash.com