Mixin with Australia’s Newest Web Conference

We are pleased to say our very first customer will be using Buzz Muster to collect feedback from their audience, starting tonight.

The fantastic team at Mixin have invited Buzz Muster to be their event feedback system, and we’re pleased as punch to support a locally bred conference, here in Western Australia.

We will use their words to describe what Mixin is all about…

Mixin will be a one-day, one-track event that you could liken more to a festival than a conventional conference. It will be a celebration of creativity on the web with a conversational tone and collaborative nature.

Mixin will aim to bring the international web-world to Perth, and give local talent the chance to shine. On top of regular scheduled speakers, Mixin will host group discussions, workshops and panels to encourage interaction.

Mixin website homepage

Mixin website homepage

We have some of our team attending the conference, and related workshops, and are proud of our involvement in this event.

This event, and tonight’s community side-event, Collide, hosted by Mixin, will be a fantastic opportunity for us to show the organisers what Buzz Muster can do, to collect audience feedback in a few minutes, and provide easily understandable metrics back to the organising team, which can then be utilised in planning for their next event.

Thank you to the team at Mixin; Mandy, Phuong, Kylie, Joshua, Patima, Brett and Meagan for having us on board!