Unique Ways to Promote Your Conference

5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Conference

You’ve poured your energy into planning, so now begins the process of trying to find unique ways to promote your conference, and get more attendees.

Reaching your target audience is one thing, but actually engaging them is another.

So at this point, you plan to go beyond your social media reliance to try and be a bit more creative. What a welcome thought, but how exactly are you going to do it?

Social media is a great way to produce a high amount of content, quickly. So of course you’re going to use it. However, using social media as one of the main ways to promote your conference can be a mistake, given it’s a highly saturated market.

We know that in recent years we’ve all become a bit dependent on social channels. Maybe for good reason. Due to its accessibility and its usage by virtually everyone.

You need something different, something fun, something out there that will get you noticed and ultimately fill the spots for your conference.

Have no fear, we’ve done the research for you. We have gathered five unique ways to promote your conference that can be quickly implemented.

Discount and promotional codes

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise in discount codes being offered for events. They’re simple and have immediate benefit for ticket purchasers. Rather than just announce it publicly, one of our unique ways to promote your conference is to ask speakers or exhibitors to hand out their own special code, which allows you to track who got the most new buyers.

Using specific codes lets you know the method in which they found out about the event and through what medium.

Once complete, you can then use each individual code to gather information to better reach your target audience for your next conference.

Industry plugs

You know your audience. So I’m sure it won’t take long to find out what industry associations, email groups or websites they subscribe to. So get in contact with the relevant writer and ask them if it’s possible to do a write-up on your conference.

Given that there are new articles being published most days, writers are usually eager to find relevant stories. So play your cards right and you’ll most likely get a mention.

Since that mention is being promoted to everyone in your target audience, you’ll likely find it’ll work wonders. Just reach out to influencers and ask. Buy them a coffee (or whatever their vice) and let them know what it is that your conference is all about and how it relates to the industry.

As far as ways to promote your conference, plugging an industry association could potentially cost as little as a couple cups of coffee. A good return on investment if you ask me.

Unique ways to promote your conference

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Email marketing

Using email marketing as a means to promote an event or a conference is nothing new. Still, research suggests that email is still an effective communication and promotions tool that should be used where applicable.

Email allows for you to have a great hook to grab readership, whilst engaging with your content. What’s better is that these people have, at one time or another, given you their email address. So they’re a willing participant in your communications!

As one of the ways to promote your conference, email should not be overlooked. As most professionals regularly use their email, it’s no surprise that it’s a regular fixture in many marketing strategies.

Thus why it should be in yours too.

Free stuff and wearables

Be honest, the last time you were given a free pen, magnet, stress ball, ruler, water bottle, wristband, torch, hat, t-shirt or whatever it is that you’ve been given; at some point, you’ve used it. Studies show that 53% of people use a promotional product once a week and can keep it for up to two years.

This is one of our favourite unique ways to promote your conference.

Known as the principle of reciprocity, the people who are given something can often times feel the need to repay you in some way. Dr. Robert Cialdini found that when given something little, you can get something more in return.

All you have to do is go to where your audience is and give away your promotional gear. If you give them a pen, they’ll use it for years. Give them a magnet, it will sit on their fridge for years. Or give them a stress ball, you know it’ll be in their desk drawer for when they need it.

Social media

I know it was said earlier that social media will be used, without being focused on. Still, it’s a valuable tool to be utilised. You can pop in a Facebook or Instagram ad for just a small budget. Alternatively, regularly update and inform your followers on the conference status for free using all of the platforms available. It’s quick and simple with a good engagement rates.

Maybe even create an individual hashtag to be used on all social channels to promote and to use on the day.

In Summary

There’s plenty of unique ways to promote your conference, without relying on social media. To engage with your target audience and fill vacant spots in your upcoming conference, there are plenty of options available. Still, we’ve chosen to cover five that we feel are effective and easy to implement.

Although social media is a must in today’s digital age, using discount codes, email marketing, free give aways and plugging an article industry associations are all viable ways to reach your audience. Each tool has the ability to provide you a solid ROI that can’t be overlooked. All the while, you’re not only speaking to your target audience, but also engaging them.