What You Should Look for in a Conference Ticketing System

What You Should Look for in a Conference Ticketing System

When creating a conference, there’s usually a lot of things on your mind. Food, seating, guests and everything else. However, people tend to overlook one important factor, for any number of reasons.

Whether it’s a last minute thought or just don’t know what you should look for in a conference ticketing system, the ticketing system you use is the potential guests first look at the conference. So you better make it good.

The saying, “you only get once chance at a first impression” has never been more important than it is right now. And will likely only continue to get more important as time passes. With more tech developments and the constant influx of new companies, competition’s everywhere. Because of this, you have to stay at the top of your game. To do that, you must be great on all levels of your online presence; as it’s often the first side of you that people see.

However, when people use your website to purchase tickets, it may as well be their first time engaging with you. They want your service, but want it to be simple. Through my own personal experience, when people are after something specific, they don’t want too many obstacles in their way. Nor do they want the process be too long and/or confusing. This is where the conference ticketing system you choose matters.

So here’s our 5 picks for what you should look for in a conference ticketing system for your next conference.

Good UX

This is a no brainer, because as I said earlier, the user experience is paramount. I’d even say one of the most important factors to be considered. For an attendee to easily register and purchase tickets for your event can give you an upper hand in many respects. Allowing more attendees purely from its simplicity is very possible.

A strong user experience not only puts you in good stead with the attendee. It can also give you much higher credibility. Depending on what industry you’re conference caters for, you can come across really well, if done right. For example, if you’re communicating to people in the web industry and you have a strong website, they’ll be more inclined to use your service.

Think I’m kidding? Well, I never use a service, regardless of industry if they choose not to put a little bit of effort into their website. Because if they don’t care about my experience through their web presence, will they care in person?


Image: Caio, Pexels

Image: Caio, Pexels


Ease of registration

Following on from the overall user experience, comes the ease of registration. Admittedly, they’re similar points. Yet, I’ve chosen to split them up because I felt this was important in its own right.

Sure, being able to navigate around the site is important. But being able to easily register and not have to give away all of your private information, blood type, hair samples and your first born child is a big plus. Sometimes a conference ticketing system will ask for unneeded information. This takes up unnecessary time. So ease of registration is important.

The more painless the registration and transaction, the better.

Is the system mobile friendly?

Since much the world now has a smartphone on them at all times, it’s becoming more important than ever for the conference ticketing system to be mobile friendly. Because people are busier than ever and often on-the-go, mobile access is mandatory.

Whether they were briefly told about your conference in passing and want to register in that moment. Or they register on the train commute, the system you choose must be mobile friendly.

I cannot stress this enough.

Because at the end of the day, you want your conference to be accessed by whoever want it, at whatever time of the day. And mobile abilities does this.


Image: Clem Onojeghuo, Pexels

Image: Clem Onojeghuo, Pexels


Does the system support social media logins?

In recent years, a trend has been emerging. This trend goes beyond merely events, reaching most websites that need a login. Oftentimes, the website will now ask you if you’d like to sign in via Facebook, Twitter or create a new account on their website. This is a good feature as it allows for a greater understanding of the attendee. When somebody chooses to log in via one of these apps, this can help you. Making it easier for you to understand your customer, you can then target and tailor communications of future events to them.

The more you understand about your target audience, the better. So implementing a conference ticketing system which allows for social media logins can positively influence your upcoming and future events.

Promotional options

Does the conference ticketing system you’re considering allow for promotions for attendees? A good system would actively incorporate useful features for the attendee. Features which may allow for attendees to receive discounts based on information they provide. From entering promotional codes, loyalty program capabilities or membership specials. The ticketing system should allow for all types of sales.

Here is where the previous point can become even handier. For example, if you prompt the potential attendee to use the social media channels to log in. in exchange for a promotional or discount code to be redeemed when purchasing their ticket.


In Summary

When you’re looking for your conference ticketing system, be sure to consider all options. Make sure you know what features you need, as they can often make all the difference. Whether you want to bring your conference into the 21st century, get more attendees or not to scare them away, you have to get the right ticketing system. That means choosing the right ticketing system for your brand and your attendees. So make sure you consider the above features and make an informed choice that’s right for you.