Why Event Organisers Should Use Event Feedback Surveys

Why Event Organisers Should Use Event Feedback Surveys

Do you know why it’s in your best interest to use event feedback surveys? Depending on your business, there could be infinite reasons. But regardless, you should know why you should be following up with your attendees after your next event.

Feedback can be almost too easy to get, yet can be forgotten about too often. Event feedback surveys are a tool that can be implemented by most businesses to accurately see what their customer is thinking, with the aim to use the information for a better customer experience.

It can be as easy as a quick survey. So how often does your event go un-assessed?

If you still need some convincing as to why you should use post-event feedback surveys, here are a few points that may be in your best interest.

Keeps you up-to-date on Market Trends

Gathering a small amount of customer feedback can be important for a whole laundry list of reasons. Trends that possibly wouldn’t have been detected, if not asked.

Even the smallest of surveys can give a valuable insight. Areas such as the performance, information relevance, expectations and much more can all be easily assessed. We know this because of a survey we conducted; which found that 83% of people are happy to answer nine or less questions, which can sometimes be all that’s needed.

Event feedback surveys allow the attendees for your event give their honest opinion. In addition, it gives you the chance to constantly improve, based on what your customers are wanting or feeling. This is a hugely powerful tool that is surprisingly easy to implement through survey companies such as Buzz Muster.

It’s obvious, but keeping up with market trends and what your stakeholders want can give you that necessary edge. Events especially, where people often come for a variety of reasons, accompanied by a variety of expectations. For this reason, it can be incredibly important to hear their thoughts on not only the event itself, but also the quality of your product or service you’ve provided. Nowadays, surveys make it easier to keep up-to-date with customer needs and the current market trends.

How many questions do you prefer to answer in a post-event survey?

How many questions do you prefer to answer in a post-event survey?

Creates Evangelism Towards Your Company

We don’t know anybody who doesn’t like getting praised. Even better, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t love praise aimed at their company. We don’t know anyone who doesn’t trust testimonials.

Well guess what, a simple survey can allow you to show off your companies evangelists through testimonials. How, you ask? Well, you can post the particularly good comments to the company website, showing all potential event goers that you can put on one hell of an event.

A simple event feedback survey not only lets you know where to improve, but it allows you to know where you’re doing great. And there’s no reason why you, your company or your event can’t boast about great successes.

On your website, create a ‘Wall of Love’ that shows your potential event attendees that you’ve got a proven track record. Show all of the amazing things that people have said about you, online. These featured testimonials could be the deciding factor to if they buy a ticket to your next event.

Builds Relationships

Throughout your event, yourself and colleagues would have rubbed shoulders with any number of people. From speakers, staff and guests, relationships are being formed. To continue building those relationships, a quick survey could be used to continue open conversation.

Sure, it’s just a survey. But it’s also a tool that can be used to continue learning from your customer base, which could make your company stand out from the rest. When you listen to a customer, you build a relationship with them. A simple event feedback survey via a nice email can be the difference between a good feeling and an alright feeling towards your company and event.

Remember that these people opted to come to your event and communicate with your business. This means that many attendees can be happy to help you by filling out an event feedback survey. Specifically, Buzz Muster found that 87% are willing.

Your Attendees Care

Like we said above, your customer wants to communicate with you. They have their own thoughts, stories and experiences that they want to share with you. Through a survey conducted, we know that 88% of people feel it’s important for event organisers to ask for feedback. With 87% of those people willing to complete a survey and only 13% saying they never would.

I’m one of these people. I’m even more than happy to fill something out on my own time.

If I really enjoy myself or feel great about an experience, I want to share it. I want to post a nice Tweet, tell a friend, post a photo on Facebook, or all of the above. These are all great wa ys to hear your customer. But to get a more specific communication from your event attendees, an event feedback survey can be a meaningful communication method that can give you more specific responses.

Allow your customer to talk. But more importantly, listen to them when they do.

Woman with Phone

Woman with Phone. Source: kaboompics.com

In Summary

Above all, know that your event attendees want to interact with you and to have their feelings heard. So because of this, you should show that you care about their thoughts. Show them that you not only care, but you want to have an ongoing communication with them, whilst adapting to what they feel to be of paramount importance.

So next time you have an event, ensure event feedback surveys are conducted to get the most out of it.